As sealing specialists with extensive technical knowledge and experience across a range of industries, we welcome the opportunity to support innovation and improve new designs requiring performance seals.

About sealing performance

There are a range of performance requirements demanded from compression foam seals. These include differing “Ingress Protection” levels (IP Ratings), customer specific demands, fluid resistance and thermal demands. Consequently the Component Designer endeavours to take these factors into account at the concept stage of their part.

CeraCon foam technology can be adjusted in its applied size and also in its hardness to give the designer increased flexibility in achieving the functionality of their part.

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Key points to consider

If a designer can keep 3 key points in mind, it will benefit the sealing performance of the part:

  1. Wider bead widths generally have higher sealing performance – larger sealing faces
  2. Higher compression levels increase sealing performance
  3. Harder foam will generally improve sealing performance

However the constraints of the part design; i.e. part flexibility, span and size of fixing points, wall thickness etc. all play a contributing factor.

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The adhesion of CeraPUR to the component surface is dependent on the surface energy of the material or surface treatment in question and also the potential contamination of the surface. Therefore different material surfaces exhibit different levels of “natural” adhesion.

Surface energy can be changed by the prior application of “atmospheric plasma” to the material surface, where the foam bead is to be applied. It is also possible to use liquid surface primers to promote adhesion. The increased “wetting” of the foam to the surface of the part can lead to the foam bead being reduced slightly in height.

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Compression Effect

Discover more about Compression Effect in our prototype design guide!

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