Made in the Midlands Coffee Morning

On the 16th August, we hosted our second Made in the Midlands Network Event, our first one being in 2017. Although the weather was wet and dreary, the members attending were definitely not!

With over 30 different manufacturing companies based in the Midlands, the networking event was a huge success and as usual enabled all attendees to introduce their respective companies, products and services. Hosted in our new facility, CeraCon provided the obligatory bacon and sausage sandwiches along with coffee and tea for all the MIM guests. It gave CeraCon the opportunity to explain its continued growth within the Sub-Contract Gasketing field. Our Technical Sales Manager, Chris Howey, provided a talk on CeraCon’s technology and broad marketplace. Defining our unique foam sealing expertise.

MIM guests were then taken into our processing plant to see our foam sealing robots in action! Production was in full flow, so our guests could see the different industry parts we seal including marine, automotive and lighting. A prosecco raffle was also drawn from the entrants of business cards, which was a good way of ensuring we have spoken to everyone!

Our MD, Robert Jones received an Ambassador Award, in recognition of CeraCon’s commitment to the Made in the Midlands group and involvement we have dedicated to the organisation. Here is what he had to say about the event; ‘Like everything in life you get more out of something, with the application of more effort. MIM membership is no different. As a Group of like-minded business people, the more we network, communicate and share information to the opportunities which obviously exist; the more we benefit as individual businesses, as a region and eventually as a country. There is so much economic uncertainty and I suspect like many, tired of hearing “the acronym” (BREXIT). So I will focus on taking CeraCon forward, apply maximum effort, using all the business tools available; one important one being our MIM membership and events like today. My thanks to all that attended”.

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