Meet the Team – Technical Service Manager Mark Taylor

Today’s blog post is the third in our series of ‘Meet the Team’ posts hoping to give you an insight into those working as part of the CeraCon Ltd team. This week is our Technical Service Manager Mark Taylor’s turn at answering some questions about CeraCon, his role and his life outside of work. 


What does your day to day role look like at CeraCon?

My day to day role at CeraCon is always very varied. From servicing customer’s foaming equipment to being onsite at a customer’s conducting training or supporting a technical issue. When at the Leamington factory I could be involved in robot programming for new or existing customer trials, supporting production or training staff.


How long have you worked for CeraCon?

I have been with CeraCon UK since the company opened in July 2013


Can you tell us a bit about previous job roles that you have done and how that has led to you working for CeraCon?

For 13 years I worked for an automotive lighting company, the last 7 of which was as a manufacturing engineer. It was during this period that I first met Rob (CeraCon’s Managing Director) and flew out to CeraCon GmbH Germany. The lighting company wanted to purchase a foaming machine to apply foam directly to a truck headlamp body at our factory.


What do you enjoy most about working at CeraCon?

I genuinely enjoy all aspects of my role at CeraCon. If had to pick one, I guess solving challenging technical problems is always very satisfying.


What has been the biggest challenge whilst working at CeraCon?

I think the biggest challenge is developing and implementing a robust maintenance schedule for all customer equipment. My biggest customer is a Tier One supplier so it is vital that all of their machines are kept in good running condition.


What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my daughter and family. I am also keen hiker and camping enthusiast, in 2018 I walked almost 600 miles whilst training for a charity walk.


CeraCon Ltd’s Technical Service Manager, Mark Taylor


Thank you to Mark for answering these questions. Our next ‘Meet the Team’ post will be about our Production Manager, Chris Mason.


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