Meet the Team – Production Manager Chris Mason

Today’s blog post is the fourth in our series of ‘Meet the Team’ posts hoping to give you an insight into those working as part of the CeraCon Ltd team. This week is our Production Manager Chris Mason’s turn at answering some questions about CeraCon, his role and his life outside of work. 


What does your day to day role look like at CeraCon?

I manage a small dedicated team of professionals, around the clock, in a production facility at CeraCon UK in Leamington Spa.

My role at CeraCon is a varied one! From cleaning the factory floor, to meeting with multi-national businesses to offer our services, and everything in between! However my main focus is receiving orders from our growing number of clients, managing production schedules to suit needs of our customers in an efficient production environment and ensuring our customers receive their products in time for their assembly lines.


How long have you worked for CeraCon?

Since March of this year, and time has flown. I thoroughly enjoy working here, and we have a great team among us. It makes waking up in the mornings and coming to work a pleasure.


Can you tell us a bit about previous job roles that you have done and how that has led to you working for CeraCon?

After leaving school (a long time ago now!), I graduated as a Technical Apprentice from Rover/BMW group in Gaydon, now known as JLR. My experience of working with such a large organisation helps me to appreciate the smaller team I now work within, as I enjoy being able to talk with my colleagues each and every day. It’s these daily interactions which make my role within CeraCon a pleasurable experience.

I have also worked in Africa, Angola and Cameroon. There I worked in a role with Land Rover exports, exporting Land Rover vehicles into West African Market; specially designed land rovers for police, government and mining organisations.

I have also worked in the Caribbean, as an engineering manager at a medium sized imports company.

Working outside of the UK, I appreciated the different cultures, however I have now returned to the UK to ‘grow up!’. I need to settle down with my family and learn to cope with the weather here!


What do you enjoy most about working at CeraCon?

The thing I enjoy most at CeraCon is the chance to improve customer relations, achieve company targets and inspire our team to work to our objectives and maintain our quality standards.


What has been the biggest challenge whilst working at CeraCon?

The biggest challenge has to be when we have a system down for unplanned reasons. If our engineers use the phrase ‘barrel pump’, I have to remember to count to 10!


What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

I don’t have much spare time anymore, however, my greatest achievement is that I have driven the west coast of Africa. The journey brought many tears and stress, but also many memories!

In terms of hobbies, I play a sport which isn’t well known in the UK but is widely played in South America and Spain, called Padel. It’s a hugely popular sort of mini tennis game. I play Padel with my partner, however we find it extremely difficult to do so in the UK, as there are few places that actually have Padel courts.

I also like to cycle, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in Lycra!


CeraCon Ltd’s Production Manager, Chris Mason


Thank you to Chris for answering these questions. Our next ‘Meet the Team’ post will be about our Business Administrator, Stephanie Jones.


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