Meet the Team – Business Administrator Stephanie Jones

Today’s blog post is the fifth in our series of ‘Meet the Team’ posts hoping to give you an insight into those working as part of the CeraCon Ltd team. This week is our Business Administrator Stephanie Jones’ turn at answering some questions about CeraCon, her role and her life outside of work. 


What does your day to day role look like at CeraCon?

My job is very varied at CeraCon but mainly I deal with the administration side; preparing invoices for customers, ordering parts for production or servicing, making sure we have enough CeraPUR in stock, paying salaries and ensuring the bank balances! I have also been an operator on the systems and delivered parts, so it’s a very diverse role.


How long have you worked for CeraCon?

I came to work here in 2014. CeraCon UK started in 2013 and by the following year the business had grown to such a level that an administrator was needed.


Can you tell us a bit about previous job roles that you have done and how that has led to you working for CeraCon?

When I left school I went to college to complete a Business Course with an additional course in Travel & tourism. I worked in numerous travel agencies in Bristol, Monmouth and Leamington, just as the cheap travel offers were booming. This made the job very busy and varied. I then went into a sales role for a merchandising company, whose main customer was Loctite. My sales area cover South Wales, Avon, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. It was like being on holiday! I sold stocked lines into the DIY stores in these areas and any new lines and promotions. After three years working in sales, I left to have children and since then have worked in our local school as a clerical assistant, in an admin role for a Japanese company and then joined CeraCon Ltd.


What do you enjoy most about working at CeraCon?

The job is extremely varied which makes your day fly by. I only work part time and so have plenty to keep me busy for the morning. We are only a small team which is a positive feature of CeraCon, everyone communicates well and works hard so the day (usually!) runs smoothly.


What has been the biggest challenge whilst working at CeraCon?

While CeraCon was developing, our sister company in Germany produced all our invoices and quotes for us. This was a massive duplication of work and time consuming for our German colleagues. I therefore had to learn sage accounting, which I did by YouTube tutorials. It’s quite a small achievement but extremely satisfying when the bank reconciles!!


What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

I have three grown up children as well as one grandson who I look after for two afternoons a week so am always eager to see them all. Most of our weekends are taken with visiting them in Brighton, Liverpool and Olney. I enjoy my garden and try to keep on top of the weeding! I like the flower side rather than the veg, although I have done well with onions, garlic and shallots this year. We have lots of BBQs in the summer and eat outside most days. We also have a Golden Retriever, so walking is always top of the list. At the weekends we try to do a big walk, which usually involves a stop off at a pub!

CeraCon Ltd’s Business Administrator, Stephanie Jones


Thank you to Steph for answering these questions. Our next ‘Meet the Team’ post will be about our Apprentice System Engineer, Jordan Osborne.

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