Meet the Team – Apprentice Engineer Jordan Osborne

Today’s blog post is the sixth and penultimate in our series of ‘Meet the Team’ posts hoping to give you an insight into those working as part of the CeraCon Ltd team. This week is our Apprentice Engineer Jordan Osborne’s turn at answering some questions about CeraCon, his role and his life outside of work. 


What does your day to day role look like at CeraCon?

I am currently an Apprentice Engineer here at CeraCon and because of this my day to day role changes quite a lot as I am learning lots of new things. I can be programming robots for any potential customers, resolving any issues that may occur during production, servicing foam systems, standard operations for production staff and working closely with our Production Manager Chris Mason on projects.


How long have you worked for CeraCon?

I have worked for CeraCon UK for over a year now. I joined November 2018 and I have enjoyed every moment of it.


Can you tell us a bit about previous job roles that you have done and how that has led to you working for CeraCon?

As I am at the start of my professional career, I haven’t had any jobs related to engineering. I did however study and complete a Level 3 BTEC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering which helped develop skills that I use in my day to day role. I am also currently studying an HND in Electro-Mechanical Engineering, supported by CeraCon, to further enhance my knowledge.


What do you enjoy most about working at CeraCon?

The one thing I enjoy more than anything is the variety! Each and every day is different which makes coming to work really enjoyable. I also get on well with all the staff and everyone has been so friendly and helpful throughout my time here so far.


What has been the biggest challenge whilst working at CeraCon?

The biggest challenges are breakdown as you never know when it’s going to happen! You can only try your best to prevent it and when one does happen you have to try to solve it. It can be quite a lot of pressure! Even though it is a challenge it is also a great learning experience to help my problem-solving skills.


What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with friends and family, making memories. My girlfriend and I also really enjoy traveling so we plan to do this as much as possible while we’re still young and able! I am also trying to get fit and go to the gym – but doesn’t seem to be happening!

CeraCon Ltd’s Apprentice Engineer, Jordan Osborne


Thank you to Jordan for answering these questions. For our next ‘Meet the Team’ we’ll be talking to CeraCon’s production team. 

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