We offer contract sealing solutions, equipment, pre production parts, support sub-contract facilities for the automotive industry. Minimise your capital equipment investment with our in-house sub-contract facilities, or purchase one of our CeraCon systems for your own premises

Sealing for Lighting

We can provide sealing solutions for lighting companies for both  interior and outdoor lighting components. Our unique material and ease of application allows us to apply seals to complex geometries quickly. Areas which can often be difficult to seal are made simple with CeraCon.



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IP Rated Seals

Outdoor lighting often requires a high IP rating in order to protect the internal components from water damage. Our technology is highly resistant to most chemicals and particles which allows it to seal components to any IP standard. Each seal can be customised in size, hardness and design finish to ensure it meets the required IP Rating.



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CeraPUR Materials

CeraPUR is a unique single component polyurethane material which, in as little as five seconds, is heat curable. It can be applied direct as a pure liquid material for bonding or sealing or used as a moulding compound through either injection or open face moulds.

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“FutureNova have worked with Ceracon since we started mass production of the FlipPad. Their robotic seal technology was the deciding factor. The FlipPad is used in high infection control environments like operating theatres where the standards are high. It is one of reasons why we are exporting the FlipPad to 16 countries now.”

CEO, FutureNova

With our years of industry experience working with global brands such as JLR, BMW, and Mercedes, we have built up a wealth of knowledge across a wide range of other industries, including:

  • Electrical enclosures
  • Medical devices
  • Caravan and motorhomes
  • Aerospace
  • Energy

Why choose CeraCon UK for Sealing for Automotive?


We offer local UK-based support for equipment


We provide local pre-production support


We have a global presence for common parts across vehicles within groups


parts sealed on an average shift


employees work at CeraCon


bar pressure seal limit

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    Our Services

    contract gasketing

    Sub-Contract Foam Gasketing

    We offer Sub-Contract Foam Sealing, Bonding and Gasketing in-house at our headquarters in the UK.

    Foam Sealing Systems

    Foam sealing systems

    Our single component, mechanical conversion of sealants to closed cell foam. Integrated with complex robot cells.

    Industry Ovens

    Industrial Ovens

    We provide both standard and bespoke industrial ovens for precise heat treatment between ambient and 220℃.

    Sealing Materials

    Seal Materials

    Our sealing materials are specifically designed to be used in our foam equipment. There unique properties allow foaming, bonding, potting and moulding to be done from the one material.

    Pre-treatment & lasering

    Pre-Treatment and Laser Technologies

    CeraCon also offer Laser Systems for Marking, Cutting and Surface Treatment.