EDS 2018

The EDS show is always a very exciting time for CeraCon, we are able to see what is out in the market place as well as showcasing the latest industries we are working with.

CeraCon UK is expanding into more industries, and therefore we are discovering that there is a lack of adequate sealing solutions within these industries. A significantly large proportion of CeraCon’s leads from the Engineering Design Show came from the lighting and electronics industry. This year we were fortunate enough to take along a mini thermal oven to demonstrate the curing process of our technology. We found that this process became a discussion point with many of our potential customers and help them understand the different applications the CeraCon technology could have within their business.

At the EDS, CeraCon were able to build new business relationships as well as develop pre-existing ones. EDS is a brilliant way to network and ensure that the engineering industry becomes aware of who CeraCon is and the potential applications our technology can have. Our MD Robert Jones was given the opportunity to discuss what we do on the EDS TV – check out the video here!

Till next year EDS!

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