CeraCon’s CeraFlow Released

Years of research and development has lead to the latest, most advanced version of the CeraCon Foam Dispensing system: CeraFlow.

CeraFlow builds upon the successful history of other CeraCon systems, namely the F(d) model which has been sold around the globe in recent years.

The new system incorporates a simpler set up for mixing the material and air which is required to generate a foam. Under the old design, there would be a cylinder set up that would take air and material at high pressure before the mixture was sent through a homogenising tank to finely distribute the air in to the material. This method meant that multiple mixing tanks were required for continuous production.

Simplifying this, the new system injects air as the material moves in to the homogenising tank using a pulsed valve to accurately control the addition of the gas. By changing the setup, the system is under less working stress without compromising the output, leading to longer time between servicing and an easier to control system.

The two further big upgrades have been the serviceable cassette and the software/ HMI. The service cassette is now even easier to remove and with wheels, requiring minimal downtime for production and allowing for easier placement of the machine without having to worry about forklift access or movement of the machine for access.

The HMI and software have been upgraded to allow for a more automated system, and a simpler graphical user interface to reduce the need for training for all users.

Systems are already been shipped and have begun processing parts.

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