CeraCon UK Team grows…

As the Sub-Contract Gasket business grows rapidly, so does CeraCon’s demand for increasingly skilled production staff.

Using the huge resource of its Germany parent company, CeraCon is expanding its depth of robot programming personnel, by internal training.

System Operator, Paul Castledine and our new Production Manager Chris Cannings have undergone a week’s intensive ABB robot programming course during the last week of October.  This will be the first step in adding two more highly skilled staff to our UK team. Rob Jones comments on how this will help production and quality of service;

‘Here at CeraCon UK, we like to ensure that our team members are always given the opportunity to progress and develop their skills. For example, Paul has been with us for over six months now and has shown true skill and excellent teamwork. After expressing that he would like to understand more of the technicalities of the robots, we gave him the best robotics training in Germany. Paul will now head up the team by setting up programs for new trials and correcting the machines if something goes wrong. We are really proud of how well Paul is doing and excited to see him grow!’

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