CeraCon Engineer completes ABB Robots course!

Exciting News this week! Our very own Grant May, Systems Engineer, has attended the IRC 5 ABB robotic programme training course.

As a relatively new member of our team, Grant didn’t feel as confident as the other engineers when it came to programming and setting up the robots for production, so this ABB training was perfect! The course took place in Milton Keynes and taught Grant how to use the robots in a safe way and to their full potential. He was able to learn the latest technical developments as well as the standard robot training modules.

This ‘best in class’ training taught Grant how to take manual control of the robot, how to write and read programs and then apply this knowledge to link with CeraCon foam application systems. He is now able to recognise and rectifying simple faults and service interruptions (e.g. emergency stop) with ease and confidence.
Grant says; ‘The training was extremely helpful as I had only done some robotics at university, so was good to have more hands-on experience. I apply the knowledge I learnt from the ABB training every day at CeraCon and have even passed on some tips and tricks to the other engineers!’

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